Swanthana Home

Swanthana Home is a noble venture by Daughters of St. Camillus Congregation.
This orphanage deserves special mention . Swanthana houses around 50 physically and mentally challenged girl children between the ages 6 months and 15 years who require a lot of care an attention all the time . Most of the inmates of this orphanage had been brought there by people who found them abandoned in the city’s railway and bus yards, filthy drainage pipes, garbage bins, public market waste dumps, left to fend for themselves by their loved ones, just because they were born that way .

As part of 1000smiles outreach program , we visited Swanthana on  1st March 2014 . It was indeed a heart-breaking experience for us . We could truly feel how lucky and blessed we have been when we met the kids there . Most of them were partially bedridden . We could see a few of them lying in their beds , completely restless and seemingly in pain . Sadly , they were unable to convey what could possibly soothen their discomfort and pain . A really excruciating experience it was for us !! In spite of these odds , many of them were able to speak comparatively well and we spent some lighter moments with them . Our visit indeed bought  about smiles on many young faces .

There are around 8 sisters who work full time for the children at Swanthana .Hats off to the commitment and efforts put in by the Camillan sisters . The children at Swanthana need a lot of care and the medical expenses are very high as most of them need medicines on a daily basis . If interested in volunteering at Swanthana or helping them through any other means the address is as follows :

Swanthana Centre
Daughters of St.Camilius
Sarjapura road, Ambedkar Nagar, Carmelaram Post

How YOU can help them :

1. Buy baby food like Ceralac as the kids cannot be given normal food .

2. Buy Adult Diapers (Size Small).

3. Volunteer to feed the kids for breakfast or lunch.

4. And of course, spending YOUR valuable time with kids.



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